Great Scale Model Train and
Railroad Collectors Show
& Railroad Marketplace

Show Location: Maryland State Fair 2200 York Rd. Timonium, MD 21093

Barnard and Sons is in its tenth successful year of producing a line of beautiful multi-scale strobing, miniature towers in architecturally accurate popular model train scales.

The Barnard family has over 100 years of combined experience in model railroading. Over the years the commercial model railroad industry has produced beautiful trains but has been limited in its offering of operating accessories.

So often, commercially available operating accessories were too pricey for families struggling to fulfill their children’s model railroad dreams. This situation caused the Barnard family to start creating their own accessories. In a short time their friends in model railroading saw and liked the Barnard towers and asked them to create towers for sale. That was 10 years ago.

All of our towers are created and built by us and feature remote control so they can be placed anywhere on a layout. Highly realistic construction from laser cut materials. All lighting effects are formed from long-life high quality commercial grade electronic diode components. These circuits create a strobing affect resembling international airport warning systems for grabbing realism. These towers are finished with high visibility industrially accurate colors for visual impact and realism and available in G, O, S, HO,and N scales.




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