Choo Choo Blue,
That's Who!!

The Museum is located at 901 W Pratt St.,  Baltimore, MD 21223    Phone: (410) 752-2490

We are very proud to announce our association with the preeminent institution dedicated to world class railroad historical preservation and continuing information about American railroads: the B&O Railroad Museum.

Their vast and stunning collections range from some of the world's most powerful locomotives of every technical era, to intricate layouts depicting railroad operations in miniature, to captivating displays which explain in lucid words, and illustrate with genuine artifacts, the influence of the railroads on our nation's growth and history. This goes deeper than you may at first imagine. The question, "What time is it?" was answered by the railroads. How? Visit the museum and see.

And WHO is Choo Choo Blue? CCB (if she'll let us use her initials) is the museum's mascot, who portrays the museum's outreach to youth and the museums's commitment to making railroad history and technology accessible and comprehensible to all. While CCB has the honor and privilege of making appearances at birthday parties and local events, her staff labors long to prepare compelling and dynamic exhibits which dramatize and explain the role and contribution of the railroads to our American history, culture and present life. All of this is supported by a dedicated corps of volunteer workers and docents who tirelessly give of their time and talent. A visit to the museum will never be forgotten, and is likely to be often repeated.

What Is Our Association with the Museum? Very simply, recognition of a common cause. The museum and the show are both dedicated to popularizing railroads and railroading. The museum is a showcase of what railroading has been and what it has become. The Great Scale Model Train Show hosts inspiring operating displays and a marketplace which enables people to create replicas of what railroading has been, is now, and may become. The B&O Museum says, "Here is how it was and how it is." The Train Shows say, "Here is how you can make it your own."

Both the museum and the train shows have a Baltimore area identity, extending over 3 decades. This speaks not only to shared geography, but also to shared values. Local folks will instantly recognize this in their city's slogan: "Charm City." Visitors will happily discover that the motto does reflect the mind-set: "How can we help, what can we do, and, we're glad you are here."

Moving Forward: The B&O Museum will be a constant presence at our shows under the guidance, of course, of Choo Choo Blue.  Please visit the Museum to learn more about their program and membership opportunities. The Great Scale Train Shows will produce and manage exclusive train shows at the Museum. And we shall work together to produce admissions pricing which recognizes those who are present to both of us.

So NOW, What? We at the Great Scale Model Train Shows cannot imagine a more inspiring and wholesome association than one with the B&O Museum. It is an identity which we cherish, and an institution we shall support to our fullest capability. Follow this B&O Railroad Museum link to learn more about this remarkable institution, and how you can be a part of it.

Flash your B&O Membership card at any of our shows, and receive
a discount of $3.00 on a family admission, and $2.00 on a solo adult admission.

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