Great Scale Model Train and
Railroad Collectors Show
& Railroad Marketplace

Show Location: Maryland State Fair 2200 York Rd. Timonium, MD 21093

List updated Mar 20, 2022. Actual list as of show date typically GROWS because of late bookings.

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XNO Exhibitor Code Product/Service/Display Loc. Type
645 Al's Trains & Accessories ATA O gauge N Hall Vendor
3028 American Flyer Depot AFD S Scale Amer. Flyer N Hall Vendor
17000 Art's Garden Layout AGL 12' x 18' Garden Display layout N Hall Layout
3443 Ashton Thomas THA Lionel post war and mpc N Hall Vendor
19913 Avalanche Snowballs SNO Sells snowballs and ice cream N Hall Vendor
17036 AWL Model Railroad Club, Inc AWL HO, multiple RRs modeled after northeast region, mixture of modern and steam locomotives, freight, passenger and Circus Train. Variety of scenes: farm, industrial, small towns. Tunkhannock Viaduct as the show piece S Hall B Layout
40 B & B Hobby Supplies BBH Electronics,tools, scale modeling supplies C Hall A Vendor
17001 Baltimore Area American Flyer BAAF 24' x 40' layout of classic American Flyer S scale; scenes reflect season and holidays. S Hall C Layout
17003 BANTRAK BANT 50' x 70' Ntrak Display layout adj. to NVNTRAK N Hall Layout
3163 Becker Bryan BBR HO scale trains from an estate S Hall A Vendor
2748 Belsinger Harry E. HBS Lionel / American Flyer / O gauge N Hall Vendor
3460 Bennett, Dan DBE HO trains, structures and accessories S Hall A Vendor
3427 Berry, Grant GRB Ho scale and g scale trains S Hall D Vendor
3056 Big Trains BTF G Scale trains, track, equipment,etc. N Hall Vendor
876 Bill's Toys BLT 3-rail O, S, N scale, HO, G plus variety of train related items N Hall Vendor
3466 Blay, Joshua BJL HO models new and used, some paperwork S Hall D Vendor
2903 Borges Bill BBG HO and O Scale items S Hall D Vendor
3465 Brown, Gary GBR HO Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Structures, Sn3 Rolling Stock, & parts S Hall A Vendor
3106 Burgers Box Car BBC N HO Scale Trains High Rail Track Model Structures Accessories S Hall C Vendor
3310 Cain Edward CAE Lionel "O" Gauge Rolling Stock And Lionel Train Accessories. N Hall Vendor
17005 Capitol FREE-MO CFRE 40 X 60 ft Model RR Operating Layout N Hall Layout
3463 Casey, Joy CJY Lionel O Estate Collection N Hall Vendor
2570 Cecil Jim & Gomoljak John JCL Lionel O gauge N Hall Vendor
3458 Cernik, Barry BAC N scale trains and accessories S Hall C Vendor
3286 CMR Products / Portland CMP Decals S Hall C Vendor
1512 Cohen Bob BCN Books, magazines, HO models S Hall B Vendor
3064 Conley Lester LCN Various scales incl Marklin and Lionel C Hall A Vendor
3440 Corn, Dale DCR Ho trains. Of various interests S Hall C Vendor
3372 Craftsman Courtyard CCY Group of high realism scale vendors S Hall D Vendor
3425 Crippen, Larry LCR Realistic Craftsman models S Hall D Vendor
2506 Curry John JCR HO and N Scale Trains and Parts S Hall B Vendor
2103 Day Reggie RDY Personal collection: O, HO, G scale, timetables, rulebooks, etc S Hall A Vendor
17010 DC Area Independent HiRailers DCAH 24' x 44' O scale hi-rail display layout S Hall C Layout
17011 DC Z-Bend Track Group DCZ 20' x 30'  Operating Z scale layout S Hall C Layout
3436 Dillman Edward DLM O gauge train N Hall Vendor
3459 Dix David DAX O Scale old Lionel cars and locos. N scale Locos and cars DC and DCC. Scenery supplies. S Hall D Vendor
19905 Door Prize/Drawings PRZ 2 ways to win: "show bucks" you spend like real money at the show: "lucky number" on your ticket and door prize entry S Hall C Show
2995 Don Grant Jr. Railroad Artwork DGA Original railroad art S Hall D Vendor
1938 Dr. Mike's Lightning Bond Glue DMK Dr. Mike's Glue S Hall A Vendor
3196 Ed's Trains MEE O Gauge Lionel - Mth - Kline - Corgi Buses, Fire Trucks, & Other Train Related Items. N Hall Vendor
2708 Enchanted Attic ENA HO & O scale trains & accessories; lanterns; Plasticville, RR plates & ornaments S Hall D Vendor
3461 Farries, Ron RFA Ho engines, rolling stock, structures, and kits. Several controllers, Bachmann EZ track, detail parts and paints. S Hall A Vendor
3130 F & N Hobbies FNH HO, N and other scale trains and DCC C Hall A Vendor
3122 Fleischmann Fanatic FFN European Model Trains HO S Hall D Vendor
17014 Four County Society of Model Engineers FCSM 40'x100' HO modular seen in Great Model RR 2005 & RMC Oct 07! N Hall Layout
13 Franz Carl CFZ DVD and BluRay RR videos; Photo Special steam charters S Hall A Vendor
1636 Funaro & Camerlengo FCM Resin kits - injection molded kits S Hall A Vendor
3424 G. Leiphart GLE Craftsman quality models S Hall D Vendor
3287 Gene's Trains GTR Atlas & Peco HO Track and Switches. Woodland Scenics. Various scale MRR trains. S Hall C Vendor
3339 Gillespie, Terry TGL Mostly HO, some O guage New and pre-owned S Hall D Vendor
2557 Grone Daniel L. DGR B&O & WMD pieces in mostly HO, plus related products S Hall B Vendor
2649 Grove John JGR HO stuff S Hall A Vendor
2179 Hamlin George GHM Photos, railroadiana, misc. model RR S Hall A Vendor
17017 Harford Modular Group HMG 60' x 100' HO modular display N Hall Layout
2030 Harrigan Mike MHG Postwar Lionel; some modern era"; sometimes prewar Lionel" N Hall Vendor
3455 Hazzard Matt HZM HO scale locomotives from BLI, Intermountain and Athearn Genesis S Hall A Vendor
3251 Helmuts Hobbies and Adrian Cates HHO American and European HO locos and rolling stock C Hall B Vendor
2301 Hot Wire Foam Factory HWF Scenery-making hot wire tools; demos C Hall B Vendor
3088 Igo's Trains IGT HO Scale Trains DCC Parts Books Franklin Mint classic cars. S Hall D Vendor
3378 iWeatherTrains IWT Weathering,Rust, Personalized Monograms, Cartoons, Decaling, CGi Artist /FX 3D Animation for Layouts (see websites) S Hall C Vendor
3017 Jaeger, Henry HJG Various HO Modeling items S Hall D Vendor
1257 Jans Bob BJN Model Railroad Layout Design and Estate Sales S Hall B Vendor
17018 Japan Rail Modelers of DC JRMD 10' x 40' Japanese RR display layout S Hall A Layout
3428 JD Hobbies JDH N Scale model trains & N scale model railroad supplies(structures, scenery materials, lighting, power packs, detail parts & more). At most shows I display an operating detailed N scale train layout if an electric outlet is available. S Hall D Vendor
3450 Kevin Indie Art KIA Original drawings,paintings and prints of trains S Hall A Vendor
18001 Keystone Model Trains KMT HO, O, brass & more. Estate Sale liquidations, always something new. C Hall B Vendor
1819 Kim's Trains and Things KTR High rail and standard gauge locos rolling stock and other S Hall C Vendor
3076 Kleeman Jim KLM Atlas, Athearn, Proto 2000 locomotives and rolling stock. S Hall B Vendor
3051 Krausman Mitchell MKR HO Scale Trains Model Structures Custom built one of a kind including nautical; large Assortment of Detail Parts, Building sign decals, Vehicles; some rare parts and details. S Hall C Vendor
3193 KT Trains KTT O Scale Lionel, MTH, Williams, etc. N Hall Vendor
3006 Kunzer Guy KZG New HO & N Locos and cars S Hall D Vendor
3442 LanCo Trains BLJ HO and N scale models S Hall C Vendor
2786 Landis Tim & Barnard Roberts TLA Railroad antiques C Hall B Vendor
2914 Langenhoven, Josua JLA Various HO Scale items and layout for sale C Hall B Vendor
999 Lerro Productions LERO Art, prints, audio train sounds S Hall A Vendor
3454 Lorimer Craig CRL Personal collection of N scale trains, track & accessories, plus various other train related items S Hall A Vendor
18000 Makin Tracks LLC MT HO locos, rolling stock, track, scenic items, parts etc. C Hall B Vendor
2604 Maneval Doug DMV HO trains S Hall D Vendor
2634 McAlister Bo BMC O scale, Tinplate O & Standard gauges C Hall A Vendor
214 McCloskey George CHY HO, O scale S Hall D Vendor
2817 McGehee Jim MCM O Scale Trains High Rail Track Model Structures Accessories Electronics N Hall Vendor
17021 Meade Area Railroad Society HO MARH 90 X 55 Ft HO Scale operating layout N Hall Layout
3155 Microlumina LLC MLU Electrical and Animation Solutions for Scale Structures and Dioramas. S Hall D Vendor
418 Micro-Scale/Tichy Train MST Scale craftsman kits C Hall B Vendor
17020 Midatlantic TTrak MDTT 24 X 24 Ft. N Scale Operating Layout S Hall C Layout
3467 Miller, Bill MIB Used Garden Train (G scale) items: Locomotives, rolling stock, track items, and accessory items. H Nall Vendor
1423 Miller Jerry F. JFM Books & HO scale S Hall D Vendor
3464 Mina, Ted MNT Personal train collection N Hall Vendor
3435 Model Train Repair MTR Menards Products O Scale N Hall Vendor
1686 Moore Ann MOR HO rolling stock & engines; we offer a continually updated, wide variety of new and gently used HO kits and built rolling stock and engines. C Hall B Vendor
299 Moser Michael J. (Gilbert's HS) MMO G scale/ diecast vehicles S Hall D Vendor
2127 Motrak Models MOT Scale Craftsman Kits and Detail Items. S Hall D Vendor
2967 Mowrer's Railroad Antiques MRA RR hardweare tools, lanterns 1:1 S Hall C Vendor
3449 Mudd Creek Models MCK Mfg of N Scale Model Structures S Hall D Vendor
3457 Mundis Tristan TMU O & HO Trains & Railroad Collectables N Hall Vendor
3431 My Experience MXP Lionel trains tracks, accessories and books N Hall Vendor
103 National Capital Trains NCT HO/HOn3 and N scale C Hall B Vendor
17034 NECHS PCCR Northeast Corridor in HO scale, operating layout. N Hall Layout
3426 Northern Central Railway NCR Excursion train in York PA C Hall B Vendor
17024 Northern Virginia Ntrak TTrak TTRK 30'x 50' N Scale display S Hall B Layout
2980 Pace Ken KPC Lionel Americn Flyer and HO products S Hall D Vendor
3282 Padgett Philip PPD HO-Scale car and structure kits; copies of "Advocating Overlord: The D-Day Strategy and the Atomic Bomb ' C Hall B Vendor
3278 PA-Trains PAT Most scales of model trains and accessories S Hall C Vendor
3272 Peck Jeff JPK Mainly N Scale...might have some O scale S Hall D Vendor
522 Peterboro Railroad PTB HO, N, On30, also Thomas S Hall B Vendor
2753 Pikesville Models PVM S gauge train, mainly American Flyer N Hall Vendor
2847 Pony Motorsports POS G & O scale trains, vehicles S Hall A Vendor
3456 Prescott Steven PRS private collection, mostly Southern and east coast railroads. beer reefers S Hall A Vendor
17025 Prince William Cty. Model RR Clb PWCC 50' x 70' Sophisticated and detailed HO layout N Hall Layout
3307 Rail Scale Models RSM Laser-Cut Detail Components and Craftsman Kits in All Scales. S Hall D Vendor
3149 Railroad Avenue Antiques and Toy Trains CWB Railroadiana and model trains S Hall A Vendor
182 Railway Models RWM Model Structures Scenery Supplies Other Supplies and Consumables C Hall B Vendor
2804 RDTW Collectables RDT HO & S scale diecast cars S Hall B Vendor
3085 Rhodes Ramon RRN HO Scale rolling stock S Hall A Vendor
209 Ron's Books RBK New books, DVD's S Hall A Vendor
3124 RXR LLC DKF HO locos, cars, track, scenic, etc. S Hall A Vendor
3037 Sidetrack Relics STR HO Scale trains, kits, some brass S Hall A Vendor
10 Smith Jr. George A. SMG Used HO Engines/cars C Hall B Vendor
2130 Spring Mills Depot SPM Mfr. of super-realistic HO cars C Hall B Vendor
3222 Springirth Kenneth C. KSP Author of trains and trolley books who does book signing at the show. C Hall B Vendor
3100 St. John Andrew SJA N HO Scale Trains High Rail Model Structures Accessories Artifacts and Antiques S Hall B Vendor
3299 Staley Scott SCO Marklin Ho & American Flyer Prewar N Hall Vendor
3401 Starz 'n Cars STZ Die-cast vehicles: Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Greenlight, M2, etc.; Thomas the Train vehicles and accessories. S Hall D Vendor
1345 TexNrails TXR N & HO; brass C Hall A Vendor
2961 Timmins Craig CTM HO, O and G Scale Locos and Cars N Hall Vendor
2784 Train room, The TRR MRR locos, cars & more C Hall A Vendor
3053 TrainsPA PPM N HO S Scale Trains High Rail Model Structures Accessories S Hall A Vendor
19901 Train Show University (TSU) TSU Frre Clinics on topics of interest to rail modelers S Hall C Show
281 Wayne's Trains WTR Scale & tinplate, vintage, trees S Hall D Vendor
3441 WB&A -TCA WBA Club Information and Membership Opportunity N Hall Org/Soc
1692 West Virginia RR Co. WVR T-shirts, hats, & trains S Hall B Vendor
17033 Western Maryland RHS HO Scl. Mod. Grp WMMD layout display S Hall A Layout
144 Western Maryland RHS Museum Gift Shop WMGS WM books, calendars, videos, models S Hall A Vendor
1346 William H. Becker Inc. BKR Lionel Trains/Parts/Paint/American Flyer Trains/HO Trains/Repair Services. S Hall C Vendor
173 Williamstown Junction Trains WMT HO scale, Walther's buildings, Bowser S Hall B Vendor
279 Woo Woo Express Co. WOO HO-G-N S Hall D Vendor
2655 Yankee Dabbler YDB All scales plus Thomas C Hall B Vendor
3438 YardGoat Images YGI DVDs, both self-produced and third party retailer. C Hall B Vendor