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Where Are My  Tables?!

If you know your table code and how the show map is organized, click here:

Show Floor Plan Map(s)

But if you're not sure, then continue reading and use link at page bottom:

How to Find Your Tables - Know the Code

VENDOR CODE: Uniquely identifies YOU. On the show map and at the show itself, your tables are labeled with your code instead of a number which doesn't really mean anything.

LOCATION CODE: Tells you the approximate location of your tables to narrow your search to a particular area within a building. The code has 3 parts for the Cow Palace, and just 2 for the Exhibition Hall, as illustrated by the samples at right.

BUILDING: The left 2 letters. "CP" for the Cow Palace or "XH" for the Exhibition Hall.
SECTION: Designates a section within the building.
Cow Palace: North Hall (NH), Center Hall (CH) or South Hall (SH).
Exhibition Hall: all one section, no separate sections indicated.
AREA: On the map, the areas in the building within a section are identified by a large letter of the alphabet in the background, inside a dotted line boundary.
At right, you see a simplified appearance of a show map which illustrates how the location code resolves to an area on the map, and on the actual show floor. 

Vendor and location codes appear in the table at the bottom of this page. Following is a summary of the codes:

For the Cow Palace:

  • The building is designated as CP
  • The Sections are:
    SH (South Hall)
    CH (Center Hall)
    NH (North Hall)
  • The areas within sections are identified by letter A, B, C or D.

For the Exhibition Hall:

  • The building is designated as XH
  • There are NO sections
  • The areas within sections are identified by letter A or B, or by "LOB" (Lobby).

PINPOINT TABLES on the show map:
  • When the map appears in your browser, zoom out enough to include the entire map in your browser - even if the codes are not easy to see.
  • Open the "Find" dialog: Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, then tap the letter "F," key, and then release both keys. A search box will open.
  • In the search box, type in your 3 letter vendor code, then press the Enter key. If the also shows vendor names, enter a string of characters from your trade name or last name. Then press the enter key.
  • If the the string of characters you entered is anywhere on the map, it will be highlighted.
  • If the highlighted material seems wrong, there may be duplicates of the text you entered. Keep tapping the return key to cycle through each occurrence.

Those who consult the map often will know their location before they even arrive at the show. Check-in and set-up times will, we hope, go more quickly and smoothly. Finally, the assignment of table locations will enable us to publish the long sought and often requested show directory - a boon to your customers who so often ask, "where is . . .?"

(Note: Vendors listed here are not necessarily signed up for a show
To See Who IS signed up, click here.)


ACL & SAL Historical Society ATS CP SH B  
All Aboard Display Case Co. (John Raymo) AAB CP SH B  
All Aboard Pennsy AAP CP SH D XH C
Al's Trains & Accessories ATA CP NH XH B
Allen, Dan ALN CP SH B  
American Flyer Depot AFD CP NH  
Anderson, Tom ANM CP SH B  
Arthur, Rob JRA CP SH B  
Art's Trains & Toys ATT CP NH XHD
Atwater, Andrew AAW CP SH C  
Backdrop Junction BDJ   XH B
Baker, John JBK CP SH D XH C
Baker, Curt CBK CP SH B  
B & B Hobby Supplies B&B CP CH A XH LOB
B & O Museum BOM CP SH C XH B
B & O RR Historical Soc. BRH CP SH B  
Backdrop Junction BDJ   XH
Barnard Design Assoc. BDA CP SH D  
Barnard Roberts & Landis, Tim TLA CP SH D XH D
Barry, Douglass DBY CP NH  
Basically Training BTR CP SH A  
Bell, Daniel DAB CP NH  
Belsinger, Harry E. HBS CP NH XH B
Bergen National Laser BNL CP SH A  
Berkshire Junction BSJ CP CH B  
Bill's Toys BLT CP NH  
Big City Hobbies BCH CP SH A XH D
Big Trains BTF CP NH  
Big Top Toy Co. BTT CP SH D XH C
BK Kases BKK CP SH C  
Black Diamond Smoke Works RRA CP NH  
BlackWater Canyon Shops BWC CP SH D  
Blanchard, Steve SBL CP SH D  
Bob Nowak BNO CP SH A  
Bob's Photo BPT CP SH B XH B
Bomgardner, Gary GBC   XH B
Borges, Bill BBG CP SH D XH C
Borneman, Don DBO CP NH  
Brickley, James JBR CP NH XH D
Brian's Trains BMT CP SH D  
Brion Boyles Custom Models CMD CP SH C XH B
Britton, Jerry JBT CP SH D  
Bunker Hill Train Club BKT CP SH A  
Burke, Jerry JBU   XH B
Burger's Boxcar BBC CP SH C XH A
C & J Hobby CJH CP SH A  
Caldow, Roger CAR CP SH D XH B
Cannon, Eugene CAN CP CH B XH D
Canopy of Trains & Collectibles CTC CP NH  
Carolina Craftsman Trains CCT CP SH B  
Cash for Trains CFT CP SH A  
Cecil, Jim & Gomoljak, John JCL CP NH XH D
Cheeseman, Len LCM CP NH  
Chesapeake & Ohio H.S. COH CP SH A  
Chessie System Historical Soc. CSHS CP SH A  
Choo-Choo Nuts CCN CP SH B XH S WALL B
Chuckatuck Collectibles CAC CP SH B  
Classic Toys 4U2 CTY CP SH A  
Clark, Gary GCK CP NH  
Cohen, Bob BCN CP SH B XH A
Collins, Fred FCN CP NH  
Conley, Lester LCN CP CH A XH A
Conrad, Paul PCD CP NH  
Conrail Historical Society COY CP SH B  
Conway, Bill WCW CP SH C XH D
Corridor Rentals and Sales, Inc. CRS CP NH  
Crusader Rail Services CRU CP SH D  
Curry, John JCR CP SH B XH A
Custom Display Cases CUS CP SH C  
Custom Model Railroads CMR CP SH A  
Daniels, Michael DAM CP SH C  
Day, Reggie RDY CP SH A XH D
DC Rail & Hobby / Hobby Loads DRH CP SH A  
De Angelis, John DEA CP CH A  
Delaware Valley Ind. High Railers DVR CP NH  
Dembeck, Al ALD CP CH A  
Denny Trains DTR CP SH A  
Demott, Ed DMT CP SH C  
De Ronde, Bob and Barbara DRB CP CH B  
Diecast Truck World DTW CP SH A  
Diorama Man DIN CP SH C  
Don Grant Jr. Railroad Artwork DGA CP SH C XH C
Dougherty, Bob DOB CP SH B  
Dr. Mike's Glue DMK CP SH A  
Dulaney Enterprises DLY CP SH A XH A
Dzikiy, Paul PDZ VP NH  
Ebner, Patty PEB CP SH A  
Edmund Fitzgerald Display EFZ CP NH  
Eckert, Kevin KVE CP NH  
Eiland, Brian BEI    
Ellis, Rory REL CP SH B  
Enchanted Attic ENA CP SH D XH A
English, Tom TNG CP SH D  
Erickson, Rob RKS CP SH C  
Estate Train Sales ETS CP NH  
Euro Train Hobby, Inc. ETH CP SH D XH D
ExactRail LLC EXC CP SH D  
F & N Hobbies FNH   XH B
First State Railways FIS CP SH A  
Fleischmann Fanatic FFN CP SH D  
Frame, Jordan JFR CP SH B  
Franz, Carl CFZ CP SH A XH D
Friedman, Bruce BRF CP SH B  
Friends of the East Broadtop FRP CP CH A  
Friends of the Stewartstown RR FSR CP SH B XH N WALL C
Funaro & Camerlengo F&C CP SH A XH D
Fuhrman, Chet CHF CP SH D  
Gatorfoam GFM CP SH B  
Gears, Tom TGR CP SH B  
Gilbert's Hobby Shop GHS CP SH B  
Gingrich, David DGH   XH A
Godlewski Train Repair GTR   XH C
Golabiewski, Joe JGO CP SH FRONT XH D
Goldberg, Ira IGB    
Gold Spike Hobbies GSH CP SH C  
Goodrich, Bob BGR CP SH A  
Gorsuch,  Thomas TGO CP SH B  
GrandDad's Hobby Shop, Inc GDH CP SH B XH D
Greenway Products GRP    
Grone, Daniel L. DGR CP SH B XH C
Grove, John JGR CP SH D  
Hallinger, Robert HRO CP NH  
Hamlin, George GHM CP SH A  
Hammer, Mike MHM CP SH B  
Hammond Brothers HBR CP SH D XH A
Harbor Belt Line and Scale Models HBL CP CH A XH A
Harrigan, Mike MHG CP NH XH A
Harrison Trains and Scenes HTL CP NH XH A
Hawk, Steve SHK CP NH  
Hazel, Glenn GHZ CP SH C  
Heefner, Cary HEY CP SH C  
Hense, Paul HPA CP SH A  
Hobbytyme HBD CP CH B  
Hogan, Shawn SHG CP SH A  
Hopkins, James HJM CP SH B  
Hot Wire Foam Factory HWF CP CH B  
Howie's Brass Trains HBT CP CH B XH A
Huddleston, Robert G. RGH   XH N WALL
Hunterline HUE CP SH D  
Hyland, Charles J. - See McCloskey, Geo      
Igo's Trains IGT CP SH D XH A
Inroad Toys IRT   XH FRONT
Island Model Works IMW CP SH B  
Iezzi, Allan IEN CP SH A  
JC Train Repair CPM CP SH C  
J & Gs Trains & Hobbies JGT CP NH  
J&O Railroad Productions JOP CP SH  A XH B
Jackson, Bill JKB CP SH A  
Jaeger, Henry HJG CP SH D XH B
Jelsma Co. JEL CP SH A  
Joey's Trains JOT CP SH C XH A
John's Hobbies JHB   XH B
JDS Custom Productions JDS CP NH  
Karl's Kabuse KKB CP SH B XH D
Kauffman, Daniel DKF CP SH C  
KC's Workshop KCW CP SH A  
Kat's Korner KKR CP NH  
Kerkendall, Wade WKR CP SH A  
Keystone Model Trains KMT CH CH B XH D
Kim's Trains and Things KTR CP NH XH BACK C
Krausman, Mitchel MKR CP SH C  
Korea Brass Co. LTD KBC CP CH A  
Kunzer, Guy KZG CP SH D  
Leisure World LWD CP SH B  
Layfield, Kevin KLF CP NH  
Lauer, Doug DLA CP SH A  
Lerro Productions LERO CP SH A  
Loehne, Bob LHB CP NH XH B
Lovenduski, John LVJ CP SH C  
Luna Trains LTR CP SH A  
Luzerne Shops LZR CP SH D  
Lyon, Bill WLY CP SH D  
M2FQ Publications/LITCO (Gary Kohler) MTF CP SH A  
M & H Hobbies M&H CP SH C XH A
MA & PA Hist Soc MPA CP SH B  
Mahoney, Paul MHY CP CH B  
Makin' Tracks, LLC MT CP CH B XH D
Maneval, Doug DMV CP SH D XH C
Martino, Michael MMT CP SH B XH B
McAlister, Bo BMC CP CH A XH A
McCloskey, George CHY CP SH D XH D
Micro-Scale/Tichy Train MST CP CH B  
Mike's Rail & Lumber Service MRL CP CH B  
Mike's Railroad Magazines MRM CP SH D  
Miller, Jerry F. JFM CP SH B  
MinuteMan Scale Models MMN CP SH A XH D
MJS Custom Layouts MLS CP SH A  
Moceikis, Michael MIM CP SH B  
Moda Hobbies MHO CP SH D  
Model Railroad Crossing MRC CP SH A XH B
Model Tech Studios MOC CP SH A/B  
Mohawk Design MKD CP SH A  
Moore, Ann MOR CP CH B XH D
Moser, Michael J. MMO CP NH XH B
Motrak Models MOT CP SH D  
Mowrer's Railroad Antiques MRA CP SH C XH C
Murphy, Pat PMU   XH B
Murray, Scott C. SMU CP SH A  
N.J. International NJI CP CH B XH D
National Capital Trains NCT CP CH B XH D
Neff Video NVD CP SH FRONT  
New England Custom Rail NEC CP CH A  
New York Soc. of Model Eng. NWSM    
Nichols, John NIN CP SH B  
Nichols, Scott NIK CP CH B  
Niles, Randy RDN CP SH B  
Nick and Nora Designs NND CP CH B  
Northern Central Chapter, PRRT&HS NCPR CP SH D  
Npire Models NPR CP SH A  
NRHS Baltimore Chapter NBC CP SH A  
Oltman, Don ODO CP SH B  
Operation Christmas Train Set OXF CP SH C XH B
Outer Station Project OSP CP SH B XH B
Oxenfeldt, Steve STX CP SH D XH A
Ozell, Alfred OZA CP SH D  
Pace, Ken KPC CP SH D  
Palma, Peter PPM CP SH B  
Paoli, Armand ARP CP SH D XH C
Parrish, Brian BPA CP NH  
Pauling, William WMP CP SH  A  
Paw of a Bear POB CP CH B  
PBTrains PBT CP SH B  
Peach Creek Shops PCS CP CH A  
Peltz, Rick RPZ CP SH D  
Penn Central RR Historical Sociiety PCR CP SH B  
Pence, Dan DPN CP NH  
Peterboro Railroad PTB CP SH B XH D
Phillips, Charlie PHI CP SH D XH C
Phil Powers Fine Art POP CP SH D  
Pikesville Models PVM CP NH  
Plant, Jeremy PLY CP SH D  
Poggies Trains PTR CP SH C  
Pomeroy, Estelle POM CP SH D  
Pony Motorsports POS CP SH XH C
Posinski, Joe JPO CP NH  
Powers, Philip POP CP SH D  
Pro Custom Hobbies PCH CP SH C  
Puff 'n Stuff PST CP SH C  
R&B Services RBS CP SH C  
R&S Trains R&S CP SH B XH C
Raffensparger, John JOR   XH C
RailTrek Media RTM CP SH D XH A
Railway Models RWM CP CH B XH A
RalphsTrains LLC RLT CP SH A  
RDTW Collectibles RDT CP SH B XH B
Reuter, Thomas R. RTR   XH B
Revelation Video REO CP CH A  
Rhodes, Ramon RRN CP SH A  
Ricely, Margaret MRI    
Rigby, Stanley SRG CP SH D  
Riley, Ed RID CP SH C  
River Line Model Railroading RVL CP SH A XH C
Rockville Model Railroad Society RMS CP SH  
Ron's Books RBK CP SH A XH C
Rush, Paul RUP CP NH  
Scale Model Railroads SMR CP CH A XH B
Scenery Clinic by Bob SCL CP SH C  
Scenic Express SCX CP CH A  
Scott, David SDA CP SH D  
Sellars, Tom TSL CP NH  
Sennett, Berek BSN CP NH  
Shelf Layout Company, The SLC   XH C
Shimmel, Bob BSH CP SH D  
Side Tracks Relics STR CP SH B XH C
Skeet's Trains SKT CP SH D XH C
Smith, Jr., George A. SMG CP CH B XH A
Spiwak, Martin & Rick Velazques MSP CP CH A XH C
Sponheimer, Bonny and Francis SPB CP NH  
Spring Mills Depot SPM CP CH B XH D
Stall Five Productions SFP CP SH D  
Star Hobby STAR CP CH B XH A
Stein, Harold STD CP NH  
Stepnick, David C. SDA CP NH  
Stokem and Smokem SAS CP SH C  
Stone, Melvin MES CP SH D  
Sunset Models SUS CP NH  
Swanner, Bob BSW CP SH A XH C
Sweeney, Margaret SWM CP NH  
T&P Trains & Collectibles T&P CP CH C XH C
T&W Trains TWT CP SH B  
TexNrails TXR CP CH A  
The Engineer's Wife EGW CO CH B  
The Train Room TRR CP CH A XH B
Thompspn, Kurt KTO CP SH B  
Thoroughbred RR Models TRM CP SH A  
Tim Landis & Bernard Roberts TLA CP CH B XH N
Timmons, Craig CTM CP NH XH C
Tiny Tims Trains TTT CP NH  
TJ's Junction TJS   XH D
TLC Publishing TPU CP CH B XH C
Toy Train Operator's Society TTS CP NH  
Trackside Scenery TSS CP SH A  
Trains and Collectibles TCO CH SH B  
Train Control Systems TCS CP CH A  
Trees, Trains and More TTM CP SH D XH B
Trost, Timothy TTR CP SH D  
Tuck, Mack MTK CP SH D  
Umstot, Vernon K. UMV CP SH B  
Uborne Books & More UBM CP NH XH C
Van Scyoc, Andy AVS CP CH A  
Velazques, Rick RVQ CP SH D  
Virginia Midland Shops VMD   XH C
Vogelmann, Harold HVG CP SH D  
Warrior Run Loco Works WRLW    
Watts, Douglas DWT CP SH A  
Wayne's Trains WTR CP SH D XH C
Webb, Charles CWB   XH C
West Lake Consulting WLC CP SH XH B
West Virginia RR Co. WVR CP SH B XH LOB
Western Maryland R.H.S. WMSM CP SH B  
Western Maryland R.H.S. Gift Shop WMGS CP SH B XH A
Whalley, Jim JWH CP SH D  
Whistle Stop Hobbies WSH CP SH B  
White Elephant WET CP SH C XH C
William H. Beker, Inc. BKR   XH C/B
Williamstown Junction Trains WMT CP SH B XH B
Wiley, Chris WIL CP CH A  
Woo Woo Express Co. WOO CP SH D XH C
Yankee Dabbler YD CP CH B  
Zane, Howard HZN CP CH B XH D

Show map(s) currently under development are found at the link below. Please note that the map is in constant development until just hours before the Friday check in and may vary from the latest version seen at the link.


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