Great Scale Model Train and
Railroad Collectors Show

Show Floor Maps

Fictional sample at right shows tables code "ABC" in area D of the Cow Palace South Hall (CP SH). Click links below to see the show floor plan with your tables.

Current show floor plans will be updated as vendors sign up, and your tables may be moved but should still be within the boundaries of your area. Please check often and bring any discrepancies to our attention.

You can SEARCH the floor plans. After a plan has opened in your browser, hold down the Ctrl key and tap the letter F key, then release both. Type some text in the search box - such as a portion of  your last name or business name - and press the return key. The text you entered will be highlighted on the plan. Because the text you entered may appear in more than one location, keep tapping the return key to cycle through each occurrence. These instructions also appear on the floor plans themselves.

If you are unfamiliar with the way we now assign tables, please follow this Where are my Tables? link. Otherwise, select the floor plan you want from the choices below.

COW PALACE (All Shows Except June)
NOTE: Show floor plans are updated within a few weeks of the show; an outdated map gives a
general appearance of the shows halls.
Table code will be CP SH + A, B, C or D Table code will be CP CH + A or B Table code will only be CP NH
Mainly scale vendors, some layouts Mainly scale vendors, food service, NO layouts High Rail and Large Scale Vendors & MANY Layouts

EXHIBITION HALL (Jun 17 & 18 show) Click for map of this Show

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