The White Elephant
Tables at the
Great Scale Model Train Show
(Hint: This is HUGE)

"White elephants" are those items which are no longer useful or of interest to the one who owns them, but may be of great interest to someone else.

At our White Elephant Tables, we display items which may include everything from a sad little paper house to a rare brass engine of substantial value. You just never know, exactly. But what you DO know is that people who place their goods on the WET (White Elephant Tables) are usually well motivated to exchange what they have for cash. Expect great pricing!

The only restriction is that your goods must be railroad-related.

IF YOU ARE A SELLER, with one or many items, the White Elephant Tables (WET) are the best place to display your goods. If they sell, great! And if they don't, pick 'em up and try again later, here, or elsewhere. You only pay the show a commission of approximately 15% if the item sells (see note below). If it does not, you pay nothing. Our White Elephant Tables are the perfect venue for folks who have just a few things. And if you are uncertain about pricing, ask us! We can help with that.

IF YOU ARE A BUYER, be aware that the merchandise on the WET is priced to sell. That's why it is displayed here. Expect bargains!

1. Gather up everything you want to put on the WET.
2. Write a brief description of each item or set of items (such as a set of passenger cars).
3. Write a price for each item or set.
4. Write any important details, such as a loco that runs (or doesn't run), missing parts, etc.
5. For fastest placement, order these product listing tickets in advance:
Send us a self-addressed envelope with first-class postage affixed. We'll send you as many product listing tickets as you request, up to 14. If you need more, add 15 cents postage for each additional 10 forms.

These are 3-part NCR forms; press down hard and write NEATLY!

Our address is as shown below.

(Otherwise, just bring your goods and complete the forms at the show.)

6. Then bring everything with you to the show. WET is ready to receive your goods by 3 p.m. Friday, or as early as 7 a.m. Saturday. We do the work; you enjoy the show!

Note: So as to promptly pay you, the commission of 15% is rounded off to the nearest increment of 25 cents. In this way, neither you nor we must fuss with pennies, nickels and dimes; everything is dollars and/or quarters. The difference between this method and a calculated 15% "on the nose" may be slightly more or less than an actual 15%, but the difference is trivial. To see a chart of actual payments and commissions, click this Commission Table

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